The Use Of Mobiles Surpassing Desktop

When you visit an elementary school, almost every student starting from the fourth grade owns a mobile phone. Their parents mostly allow them to bring the electronic devices wherever they go so that they can check up on the kids easily while away from home. Whereas this is an effective method to keep track of the youngsters’ activities, it does not erase the fact that some the use of mobiles surpasses desktops.

Is it true?

comScore, an analytics and global media measurement company, revealed through a 2014 report that the number of smartphone users are gradually rising faster than the amount of people who still rely on their personal computers to check on their e-mails or search various websites. Another account from KCPB’s Mary Meeker within the same year showed that more than half of the adult digital users spend time with their smartphones instead of desktops.

Due to these details, a lot of web owners make their sites mobile-friendly. This is how we can say that there is truth about the use of mobiles surpassing desktop computers.

Why consumers like handheld devices more?

#1: Smartphones are wireless.

Mobile phones give the users the liberty to be on the move without worrying about cables and plugs. After charging for a couple of hours, you can take them anywhere.

#2: They allow quick access to internet.

It is not uncommon to see something on the street or in the office and be eager to know extra information about it. When you have a smartphone though, connecting to the internet will require less effort than opening a PC.

#3: There are better apps to choose from.

Consumers are fond of diverse apps that they can download to their gadgets. By doing so, they get to go someplace else and continue playing videos, music, or games.

What do you think of this new technological progression?